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Free Sample Piano Lesson - Foundation Tutorial

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Piano Foundation Tutorial Course

To build a home, you want to start with a solid foundation. It is the same with creating music. There are basic principles that are used in each of my tutorials.  This course will provide all of the building blocks to be applied to create beautiful music! You                                        may have learned these theory principles in your past piano                                                lessons, but with my tutoring, you will finally know what to do                                            with them!

29 Piano Foundation Lessons including the following topics:

  • Identify the Key
  • Determine if a Key is Major or Minor
  • Identify Primary and Secondary Chords
  • Determine if Key is Major or Minor
  • Major and Minor Scales
  • Triad Alterations and Triad Inversions
  • Modulations
  • Accidentals

Free Sample Piano Lesson - Arranging Tutorial

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Piano Arranging Tutorial Course

Customize piano songs to your level of expertise! Here are some techniques for creating your own arrangements of your favorite songs. You can embellish simple arrangements or simplify complex ones. You will no longer be held back by the written notes! 

26 Piano Arranging Lessons including the following topics:

  •  Learn how to arrange the melody line
  •  Determine which chords to use in your arrangement
  •  What to do if there is an accidental in the melody
  •  How to add secondary substitutions
  •  Variations in accompaniment styles
  •  Adding descant to the melody line
  •  Special techniques to add your own flair
  •  Create the perfect ending

Free Sample Piano Lesson - Composition Tutorial

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Piano Composition Tutorial Course

There is a wonderful feeling of satisfaction and joy in composing your own songs! Have you ever felt that writing songs was beyond your reach or capabilities. I am so excited to show you that it is absolutely something you can do! Just                                               learn step by step with me and you will be composing in no                                               time! 

37 Piano Composition Lessons including the following topics:

  •  Compose using existing chord progressions
  •  Compose by starting with a melody line
  •  Create an awesome hook for your song
  •  The best recipe for your new song structure
  •  How to write a bridge
  •  Modulate into a great spinout and tag
  •  Creating your own chord progressions
  •  Professional tips on phrasing and song form

Free Sample Piano Lesson - Ear-Training Tutorial

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Piano Ear-Training Tutorial Course

 Ever hear a song and wish you could play it on the piano? You can learn to play any song you hear without purchasing any music. And not just the melody! I will teach you every step to take to play the complete song with accompaniment - all by ear.

27 Piano Ear-Training  Lessons including the following topics:

  •  Determine what key the song is in
  •  Learn to pick the melody out by ear
  •  Which chords will be used to accompany the melody
  •  What to do if a chord doesn't fit the melody
  •  How to create harmony by ear
  •  Determining appropriate accompaniment styles
  •  Variations on the melody to create your own arrangement
  •  My special tricks to make playing by ear even easier

Free Sample Piano Lesson - Improvisation Tutorial

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Piano Improv Tutorial Course

 Want to have a great time playing boogie, blues, and jazz on the piano? It is much easier than you think.  Here you will learn  blues scale and a variety of bass patterns to sound like a jazz master!

53 Piano Improvisation Lessons including the following topics:

  •  Learn the pattern for a blues scale
  •  Play some jazz!
  •  The 12 bar blues in any key
  •  Swing with some boogie woogie
  •  It's time for some slow bluesy piano
  • Try out my own blues pattern
  •  Play an improv duet with anyone
  •  Tips and tricks to jam at the keys!

Free Sample Piano Lesson - Lead Sheets Tutorial

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Piano Lead Sheet Tutorial Course

  Have you always thought that music with melody lines and chords written above it was just for guitarists? Take this course and understand how to decipher these chord symbols to create your own piano solo or accompaniment. You will greatly enhance your piano playing ability by learning these skills.

55 Piano Lead Sheet Lessons including the following topics:

  •  What to do with a melody line and some chords
  •  Learning what those chord symbols mean
  •  Creating a left hand accompaniment
  •  Add some harmony to the melody line
  •  Use a lead sheet to accompany a singer
  •  Create a piano solo from a few notes and chords
  •  Learn shortcuts to make reading chords easier
  •  Adapting a lead sheet to meet every need!