Category Coursework

  • Piano Arranging Tutorial

    27 Lessons in $99.00

    Imagine not being limited to the written arrangement.  It may be too simplified or much too difficult. With my tools, techniques, and strategies, you can arrange any piece of music to your own personal musical abilities and tastes. Add to Cart

  • Piano Improvisation Tutorial

    54 Lessons in $99.00

    Add Video Learn to play jazz, boogie woogie, and three different blues scales without music in front of you. You will impress your family and friends as you sit at the piano and improvise with the best. Add to Cart

  • Piano Composing Tutorial

    39 Lessons in $99.00

    Some have thought writing songs is a “magical gift” belonging to others.  Not true!  Learn the blueprint of musical composition and create your own beautiful music. Add to Cart

  • Piano Ear Training Tutorial

    27 Lessons in $99.00

    Have you ever heard a song and wished you could play it without having to order sheet music? You will learn the secrets of playing by ear and find that you too can play whatever songs you like. Add to Cart

  • Piano Lead Sheet Tutorial

    55 Lessons in $99.00

    Have you always thought those chord symbols above the lead sheet melodies were just for guitarists?  This course will teach you to use those chords to create your own arrangements or accompaniments using  just a few easy techniques and skills. Add to Cart