Discover the secrets of playing piano

outside the confines of the written music!

Hi, I'm Kathy Truman.

​There is satisfaction in playing a written piece of music perfectly.

However, for me, the ability to play what I feel,

to play my own vision, my own interpretation, and

create my own expression of a piece of music

has made music more than just a study or an accomplishment 

It has made music a transcendent experience.

Now, I'm excited to share with you the the skills needed to free your personal expression on the keyboard.

I began playing piano even before I could read. I have always seen it as my gift.

I love playing the piano!

During my early years of piano lessons, I was drilled with theory. I could quickly recite keys, chords, and scales. Through hours of practice, I developed the skill to play most any music that was placed in front of me.

​The piano teachers of my youth helped me build a strong foundation.

​Because of my piano ability at a young age, I became the accompanist for the Junior High Concert Choir. This further honed my abilities to play the written music with great precision.

​But it wasn’t until I entered high school that I gained the knowledge and skills to be free to play ‘beyond reading notes.'

​You see, I was selected as the pianist for the High School Jazz Band and Jazz Choir and faced a whole new challenge.

Improvisation is an important facet of jazz music and as I laid the charts across my piano, I noticed several bars with slashes across them (no notes!) and the words: "Piano Solo."

​During these bars, the band transitioned into an accompaniment mode and turned to me . . .

​I froze! I didn't know what I was supposed to do!

Fortunately, I had the extraordinary opportunity to begin lessons with a Julliard piano student, who was home for a year to earn tuition money.

One of the things he did was play piano at nightclubs using a “Fake Book” (contains melody lines with chords written above them.) He knew how to improvise.​

​He taught me to reach past my theory skills and tap into the creativity I didn't even know I had.

​You see, I really thought you had to be born with a “creative  

gene.” You either had it or you didn't. ​I had convinced myself that I didn't; composing music and improvising was a gift I just didn't have.

​To my surprise, I discovered that when I combined my theory training with these new techniques, tricks, and tips,

​I could create my own music!

​It was as if a light bulb turned on.

​It wasn't like I had to pull notes out of the sky - it wasn't a magic gene after all!

​I learned things that set me free and fed my creative juices.

​A whole new musical world opened up.

Because of the skills that I developed in creating my own music and arrangements, I then was able to have the opportunity to get employment playing dinner music in fancy restaurants and playing the piano for weddings and corporate events. (Much better pay than most other jobs!)

​​Through this further development of my creative skills on the piano, I was able to have the incredible experience of being the keyboardist for the premier country/rock band in my region. For the next 22 years, I spent most weekends playing four hours of music a night without ever laying my eyes on a written music note. To stay current, we were always adding new music to our set and we never once purchased a piece of music. As we were a cover band, we played music right off of the radio and learned every piece of music by ear.

​​Without my previous training and the techniques, tricks, and tips I had learned, this would have been a daunting challenge.

​I had learned to understand the blueprint of music.

​What could have taken hours and hours of frustrating work learning these songs by ear, became easy using the same techniques and secrets I want to share with you.

​As I gained recognition and exposure for being a professional keyboardist, local recording studios began hiring me to be a studio musician.

Since many songwriters did not possess the skills to write and arrange their accompaniments, this led to more opportunities for me to perfect my creative skills.

​I had to arrange and transcribe their songs.

​This also inspired me to do my own composing and recording!

​My ability to play ‘beyond reading notes’ continued to improve.

​For me, there is a big difference between playing someone else's ideas and being free to play what I hear in my head.

​Instead of just being a good student of music, my knowledge and skills have freed me to become my own

​Master of the Music.

Teaching Utah State University Piano Music Majors

​Eventually, my reputation as a pianist who was able to improvise, compose, and arrange music led the Director of Piano Studies at Utah State University to invite me to meet with him.

​He started off by stating, “We have an issue at our Piano Conservatory. We have all of these pianists who have learned how to play classical music, they are excellent classical pianists . . .

but if they close the book, they are lost as a piano player.”

​He went on to explain,

​“We would like to have them learn how to play the piano outside of the confines of the written music.

We would like them to play the piano when there isn't a piece of music in front of them or they haven't memorized a piece.”

For the next several years, I was employed by Utah State University to conduct the Master's Class for the most advanced students of their Piano Conservatory and as a private tutor for the Music Therapy Department. I also taught for Adult Education and have often been invited to do special Piano Clinics for piano teacher organizations and for students of every level who are interested in exploring their creativity on the piano.

The result has been my development of a unique and comprehensive piano course, “Beyond Reading Notes.

Now it would be my honor and pleasure to open this door for you, to give you the tools and techniques to:

>  Use your gift of music to its fullest extent.

>  Play what is in your heart; to play the music you hear in your mind.

>  Express your vision of the music, instead of being confined to someone else's vision.

>  Realize your musical potential.

​Please join me by registering today!

Thank you.


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