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My unique, one-of-a-kind tips and training techniques are guaranteed to enhance your piano skills while increasing your piano-playing enjoyment and satisfaction.

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Put your music away and play from your heart!! 

The #1 frustration

I hear, even from intermediate and advanced piano students, is . . .

I feel trapped by the written notes!

Do you yearn to sit down at the piano and play what you feel?  Do you want to learn how to improvise, arrange your own music, play from lead sheets or by ear and even compose?​

I can teach you how. To see how easily you can learn ​my tips, tricks, and techniques, click to take a complimentary piano tutorial now!

Watch videos on any device

My lessons are designed to work on any device.  Watch the lessons right at your piano for maximum convenience.

Learn at your

own speed

Lessons are broken down into bite-size chunks to give you the time you need to practice and develop each new skill.

Individual communication

I am available by  email or text to give you individual attention.  You won't be on your own when learning from me.

Take one or

take them all

With several courses to choose from; you can learn just one or two skills or you can take them all and become a piano master.

Kathy Truman's piano clinic was overflowing with technique, creativity and talent, much like Kathy herself! My mind was opened to a whole new concept of playing music. Before the class I approached practicing the piano like I approached exercise, with the hope of a reward somewhere in the future. The second I sat down to play after Kathy's class, I began to play like an artist . . . with a sense of flow and connection to the piano that I had never had before. I now understand musical mechanics as well as the artistry. Kathy is a brilliant musician who shines her light on all of us.

Cristy Price 

6 information-packed online Piano Courses!  Free yourself from the written notes!

Piano Foundation Tutorial Course

The Piano Tutorials Foundation course is a comprehensive review of the piano theory principles necessary to create on the keys. Just as you couldn't paint a masterpiece without the proper paints and brushes, there are specific tools that are needed to create music. After completing this course, you will be well prepared to learn how to arrange, compose, and improvise music!  I recommend that every student start here as the principles taught are referenced throughout the other courses.

Piano Arranging Tutorial Course

Have you ever gotten a piece of music and found the arrangement to be too simple or too difficult? Have you been asked to accompany a singer and the song is in the wrong key or the arrangement restricts the vocalist? You will discover how to take any piece of music and customize it exactly to your skill level or need. Just like an architect knows the structure of a home, you will learn the structure of music and then be able to remodel it at your will! My Piano Tutorials will allow you to arrange your own piano music.

Piano Composition Tutorial Course

Do you envy those who can write their own songs? Do you believe you had to be born with a magical creative gene in order to compose? You don't! This Piano Tutorial course will teach you all of the techniques you need to create your own music. Learn the specific skills to put together all of the components of a wonderful song that is all your own.  It's much easier than you think!

Piano Ear Training Tutorial Course

Ever hear a song on the radio and wish you could locate the written music? And if you can find the music, you realize it is just a watered-down version? With the techniques you learn in this Piano Tutorials course, you will play any song you hear by ear. And not just the melody! You will also know how to figure out the accompaniment. Think of the freedom you will feel  playing any song you like!

Piano Improvisation Tutorial Course

With this piano tutorial, you will have a great time learning how to improvise  with boogie-woogie, blues, and jazz. You will acquire the knowledge of the jazz greats.  I will reveal the blues scale and  five different bass patterns to play on your own or play with others in any group. Imagine how you will feel when you share these new-found skills with your loved ones at family gatherings.. You will be amazed at how quickly you can learn these secrets to be 'oh so cool' at the keys!

Piano Lead Sheets Tutorial Course

When you see music with a melody line and chord symbols written above it (a lead sheet,) you may think it is just meant for guitarists. Surprisingly, by learning my techniques, you will be able to enhance any simple piece of music and transform into a full-blown piano piece.  Imagine how fun it will be to go beyond the written notes by creating and embellishing any sheet of music. My piano tutorials will let you do so.

ACT NOW!  Choose to set yourself free from the written notes.  Just click on the button to your left to register for a course.

Kathy's approach to music is truly a gift. She has a talent for teaching her students the chords and progressions that create what we know as music. As you take her course you will find yourself learning new techniques and experiencing music in a whole new way. She is a fabulous teacher and has helped countless students understand the theory and magic of the piano.

Alicia Adams                 

I love how Kathy gives simple music depth and breadth. I love her music and I love her full sound.

Emly Harvey 

I had taken piano lessons most of my childhood, and considered myself an average pianist that had gotten rusty from not playing for years. I was taught piano by four teachers, my last teacher was a very accomplished and well-known teacher that you had to audition to be accepted as her student. Since I feel strongly that learning music gives us a background that helps benefit our lives, I signed my daughter up for lessons from Kathy when she was eight years old. I would sit down with my daughter to help her practice; and I found I was learning so much more about music than I had ever been taught. I became so excited about what Kathy was teaching my daughter, that I signed up for lessons for myself. The music theory lessons from Kathy developed another dimension to my piano education. Now I don't just play notes, I understand the theory behind the notes and this has helped me improve my performance!

Leona Goodsell 

Kathy is a very talented pianist. The piano sings when she plays. I have enjoyed learning from her. She has so much musical knowledge, which allows her to help you, no matter what level you are at. It is easy to understand with her teaching style. She is fun to learn from. I highly recommend her lessons!

Kerstin Beach 

I have taken close to 12 years of music training, mostly on the piano. Although I read music well and can play on an advanced level, I never completely understood the structure of music, chords and theory until I took Kathy Truman's workshops. The knowledge that she shared is very practical and can be applied to enhance what I already learned. However, better than that, it has answered many of the questions I had regarding arranging music and has opened a whole new world of creativity for me including composition and arranging music! My ability to sightread and improvise has improved a great deal since studying with Kathy. I will continue to study the fundamentals I have learned from her and only wish I had been taught like this in my early years. I highly recommend this course to anyone who desires to improve their performance and learn new techniques.

Janet Pitcher 

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 I am so sure that you will be happy with my Beyond Reading Notes Courses that you get my 100% Money Back Guarantee. You risk nothing  and you have the complete right to a prompt and full refund at any time up to 30 days after purchase. If you decide that my Piano Tutorial courses are not going to work for you, just let me know. I'll send you a prompt 100% refund. That's a FULL refund not a partial refund! Could any offer be more fair than that?